United States: Stores face supply issues


The country’s ports are still in a state of crisis. Delays in delivery are accumulating and the supply chain is disrupted. At the end of the chain, small shops and consumers try to organize themselves as much as possible for the anniversary celebrations. Lupna Anaki went to meet impatient gift buyers at the end of November.

From our correspondent in New York,

At the popular Macy’s store, many people have already started shopping for the holidays: ” If you want to do everything right on time, you have to start long before. At least two weeks in advance. “” We are getting everything late today, there are banned products in traffic!

The products are stuck along the way, and Christie knows one or two things. She ordered kitchen knives for her birthday present, and she’s still waiting: ” I ordered it to be kept in late October to mid-October. It is on a cargo ship somewhere. “It will happen!” That shop calls me every week. It will not happen until late November and now before Christmas. “Christie says she warned her friend to be patient:” Can’t say I’ll call and cancel and bring the knives somewhere else. They are nowhere to be found.

Because these delays do not only affect individuals. Shops have also been affected. They are due to blockages in ports. There are not enough trucks and staff to carry everything. Despite the best efforts of the government, it will take time for the supply chain to return to normal.

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“This is one of the consequences of Govt-19”

Three to five times a week, I get emails from my suppliers: “We have delivery issues, thank you for being patient until we resolve the issue”, Says Charles Branstool, who runs a shop in the East Village. I have never seen this: even my suppliers do not know when the products will be available. Charles says he had to replace some of his primary brands with others to avoid having empty shelves.

In Harlem, Grandma Dan took the lead in preparing her toy store for the holidays. He started ordering in June: ” Everything we were accustomed to ordering, we ordered at Duplicate saying we would keep it until December. I stored everything at home, in my basement, in many rooms of my house. We have everything you need for online sales and shopping.

After two seasons of disruption due to the health crisis, stores hope that these supply issues will not greatly affect their sales targets. Especially after two seasons affected by a health crisis.

Especially since some believe the most important stocks are yet to come. According to Charles Franstool, the only advice is: ” If you have an item you absolutely want to buy, go quickly and buy it before it goes away.

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