United States: Sports interruption by players to condemn sexual abuse

Washington Spirit and Gotham FC players suspended their game for more than a minute Wednesday against alleged sexual harassment of former players accused of rocking the North American Women’s Football League (NWSL).

The protagonists of this encounter are hand-in-hand, positioned within the central circle. They did it in the sixth minute, to mark the number of alleged acts of former North Carolina courage coach Paul Riley, who was fired after two ex-sexual harassment charges last week. Players.

Senate Farrell testified in an article on the athletic site that Philadelphia was forced into forced relationships while playing under his command at liberty. They also said that with Mana Shimu, on another occasion, when Riley trained with Portland Thorns in 2015, he was forced to kiss her at his apartment.

The Players’ Association has a comprehensive list of proposals

These allegations prompted FIFA to launch an investigation, which shook the NWSL seriously as they criticized the inaction of Commissioner Lisa Baird, who resigned. Like Washington Spirit chairman Steve Baldwin, the dismissal of team coach Richie Burke following allegations of verbal and moral harassment has not forgotten his long-term inactive management.

This interruption of the competition was made a sign “Unity” With victims of abuse, according to the Veterans Association (NWSLPA). “Tonight, we’re back on the pitch because we will not let our happiness be taken away from us.”They said after refusing to play last weekend.

In its press release, the players’ association outlined a list of projects in which each coach and general manager must submit an independent inquiry into misconduct. The NWSLPA also demanded that the open inquiry announced by the league on Sunday be extended to its 12 clubs and its staff.

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