United States: She receives a $ 4,400 tip, and her employer fires her

Who has already paid the equivalent of 3, 3,800 in tips for food service at a restaurant?

On December 2, 2021, Ryan Brand, a restaurant employee in Arkansas, USA, received an incredible tip of $ 4,400 – over € 3,800. He wanted to share it with one of his colleagues.

That beautiful story turned into a dream a few days later, when the young woman was fired by her employer. The indirect effect of this generous gratuity by the satisfied customer.

Shout out to America

Having been warned once, his boss believes the distribution is not fair. He explains to the employee that he should share the tip with other employees such as cooks. This mathematically reduces the amount each person receives.

She accepts the decision, but warns the donor. Unhappy, he decided to make a direct note to the two employees he would like to thank. This time it came as a huge shock to employee Ryan Brand, who was laid off. The story reached the ears of the American media.

Ryan Brand worked as an employee at another company.

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