United States: Resigned in order to achieve profits from recovery exceeded 4 million again in October

In October, the number of people leaving their jobs represented 2.8% of the workforce. (Photo: 123RF)

Washington – About 4.2 million Americans left their jobs again in October to take advantage of the career opportunities created by the economic recovery, a number close to the record set in September, according to a report released Wednesday by the Bureau of the Census (BLS).

While companies struggle to recruit new candidates and strive to attract them by improving salary conditions, many employees have not hesitated to cross the threshold of resignation.

The economic situation has undoubtedly been one of the most favorable for workers in decades, so much so that some began a strike to improve their salary conditions, and some left their jobs.

In October, the number of people who left their jobs represented 2.8% of the workforce, according to this monthly survey that measures job prospects and workforce turnover.

4.4 million Americans left their jobs in September, a record figure, after 4.3 million in August.

This is more than it was in February 2020 when the US was operating at full capacity before the massive wave of layoffs linked to the pandemic began. 2.3% of workers had left their jobs by then.

But the statistics office said in October that the number of resignations fell in the transportation, storage, water and electricity sectors, as well as in the financial, insurance and entertainment sectors.

But it has increased in public jobs, with the exception of the education sector.

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