United States: Residential school victims brought back to their communities

Residential school drama also affects the United States, where nine children who lost their lives in boarding school were sent back for burial to the Sioux community in Rosebutt, South Dakota.

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The affected young women attended the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania a hundred years ago, a local CBS-affiliated television station reported Saturday.

Their remains were flown from this eastern American state to the area of ​​the first nation of Rosefoot on Friday, where a tribute ceremony was held the next day.

“It’s a relief, it’s sad it took so long to take our children home,” tribal member Mallory Arrow told the media.

“This is a small win for us,” said another member of the community. “This is an important lesson to learn, we must not give up.”

The ceremony came just days after the U.S. Department of the Interior announced that it would be consulting with leaders of the Hawaiian Native and Native American communities to amend the Native American Cemetery Protection and Return Act (NABPRA).

“Changes to the Knopra rules will be a long delay,” Secretary-General Debb Holland said in a statement Thursday.

“When we imagine change, it is important to consult with Native American Native Americans and communities at every step. I hope this process will remove unnecessary burdens on the task of repatriation and allow Indigenous peoples better access to the remains and sacred objects of their ancestors,” he added.

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The law, adopted in 1990, provides for a process for the removal and repatriation of human remains, funerals and even the cultural heritage of Amerindians for their direct descendants.

Recall that at the end of June, Secretary Hollande announced that a federal inquiry into residential schools would be set up in the United States, a result of recent findings in the Kamloops in British Columbia.

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