United States Open | Reilly Opelka was fined for non-compliance bike

(New York) American Reilly Opelka (24e World) was fined $ 10,000, the largest in this edition of the US Open, a large logo on his luggage bag, while the USTA (USTA) was considered non-compliant.

He faced Italian Leonardo Musetti on the 2nd when he arrived at the court N.2, Thursday.e Once the player is fined. The regulations state that the logo of a brand must not exceed ten centimeters in a bag.

“It’s funny what’s happening at the US Open. $ 10,000 for a pink bag? I will impose a fine of a dollar, ”he lamented, even though the size of the logo rather than the color of the bag allowed the fine.

It has been more than a year and a half since the prize money was reduced, but our fines have increased. I didn’t want to point the finger at other players and try to throw someone under the bus. But there are those who have escaped the worst and the lowest fines, ”he added.

I think they make up for lost ticket sales last year (this match played behind closed doors due to an epidemic, note the author). They would love to donate it elsewhere. We’ve had some trouble in the United States over the last two weeks, “she said.e Final match.

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