United States Open | Fernandez makes a surprise against Osaka

(New York) Lela Fernandez, one of the largest tennis courts in the world, has had the brightest success of her young life. An encouraging victory against none other than US Open champion Naomi Osaka.

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Kubikois, ranked 73rde In the world, in front of a quiet crowd at Arthur-Ashe Stadium, they were able to reach the fourth round of the prestigious Grand Slam tournament, beating the Japanese 5-7, 7-6 (2), 6-4.

Fernandez will celebrate his 19th daye On his birthday Monday, he never faced a player with a ranking like Osaka, the third most fraudulent man in the world.

In front of the crowd she waved both hands in the air and waved her fist as she finished her opponent. In front of the winning audience, she stretched out her microphone. To find out how she resisted her opponent who was used to the match in the second round: “I wanted to stay here longer. I wanted to have a show, an hour is not enough.”

Fernandez got the best reaction when she realized she could beat Osaka.

“I believed it from the beginning, even before the game,” she said halfway between a bright smile, shyness and optimism.

However, his inexperience never appeared. Fernandez hit 28 hit strokes against 24 unforced errors, while Osaka hit 37 hit sides, but 35 unforced errors.

Osaka, however, seemed to have lost the will to win after suffering a break while serving for the game in the second inning. Osaka had gone through difficult months since her departure before the second round of the Roland Corros, during which time she admitted her anxiety issues.

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“I don’t think of her,” Fernandez said. I focused on what I needed to do. “

Before thanking the ruthless New York audience, but no one knows how to fall in love without restraint. “It made a huge difference. Thanks to the New York fans. You helped me win.”

Photo by John Minzilo, Abby

Naomi Osaka

The trend of competition

Fernandez was fine against Osaka, who had four major titles. Both players were neck and neck in the first set until Fernandes served 5-5.

Before the books could close quickly, Osaka broke Fernandes’ service to zero. Osaka won the last nine points of the first set.

Apparently slightly disturbed by the situation, Fernandez started the second set strong, winning the first game by zero.

Both players did not serve consistently. Fernandez was found in warm water again at 5-5 p.m. She saved two break bullets before falling victim to Osaka’s amazing spinal victory.

As the Japanese served for the game, Fernandez was able to score the first two break points of the game, which he converted into second when Osaka missed a forehand. So a tiebreaker is essential.

Fernandez won the first four points of the tiebreaker and Osaka threw his rocket hard on the ground, apparently frustrated. After losing the fifth point she threw it a second time. So the final round is necessary.

Fernandez broke Osaka’s serve in the first game of the third set. Then she took the necessary steps to succeed.

The match ended when Osaka missed a forehand.

In the fourth round, Fernandez will face Angelique Gerber (16) of Germanye First in the series. Gerber, the 2016 champion in New York, defeated American Sloane Stephens in 2017, 5-7, 6-2, 6-3.

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For men, Felix Agar-aliasim, 12e In the third round, Spain’s 18th Roberto Batista faced Aguirre.

In the men’s doubles, British Colombian Vasak Bosbisil and Dan Friedrich Nielsen defeated Marcos Crohn of the United States 6-3, 7-6 (3) and Andre Gorenson of Sweden in their first round.

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