United States: One nugget sold at auction … $ 100,000

A chicken nugget from the McDonald’s menu was auctioned on eBay …, 000 100,000. Special feature of the fried chicken piece: its shadow resembles a character coming from the video game between us.

This is a record-breaking nugget. In the United States, an Internet user sells a chicken coop on eBay for $ 100,000 (approximately ,000 82,000).

Dow, as he called himself, made a deal on Friday, June 4, thanks to a chicken nugget he bought at McDonald’s, reports 20 minutes. But what makes this fried chicken so exceptional? What makes it special is that it looks like a character from the video game “Between Us”.

“I thought it would hit $ 50, but not so much …” the seller said. Taw has been bidding on Eve 180 for his cult gaming figurine, which has been auctioned for 99 cents. According to many buyers, the resemblance between the chicken piece and an astronaut between us is undeniable. “The back may also reflect a kind of pump bag (…), but I do not understand how the auction went so far ahead,” Dow believed to the site, still surprised CNET.

The chicken piece is frozen, sealed and soon shipped via USPS First Class Safe Shipping.

The game’s official account responded in a tweet retweeted by McDonald’s Twitter account, saying, “Chicken Nugget sells for $ 34,443.43 among us. I do not know what to think about it, but I want it.” Released in 2018, the multiplayer game Emung Eming Game was particularly successful by epidemic.

K-pop group Nats from a menu in conjunction with BTS

But Nugget’s resemblance to a video game character is not the only reason behind its humorous success. The chicken piece was part of the PDS menu and has been sold by fast food chains in about 40 countries in association with the K-Pop Group since late May. “BDS Meal” (menu) A box of 10 boxes, a medium portion of fries, a coke and South Korean popular kajun and sweet chili sauces, where the band comes from. Menu not available in France.

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Other nails with similar or less silhouette to video game characters among us are for sale on eBay. But no one has had the same success as Tao, with prices ranging from 0.99 coins to $ 150.

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