United States: Nine days after the hurricane the cat was safe and sound

Nine days after a hurricane struck an area of ​​Kentucky in mid-December, a cat was found in the rubble of an office in Mayfield.

“I thought I heard meow noise, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, so I called his name and he meowed again,” said Sony Hood Gibson. Associated Press.

However, his cat’s calls, called Madix, were muted by the surrounding debris. So the owner of the little cat had to contact his co-workers to help them find him.

Sony Hood Gibson, with yellow eyes, took a few moments to find his black cat hidden in a hole beneath the rubble. “Hugging him is a wonderful feeling,” he explained.

The man was with his cat when he was at his desk, and according to the latter, “Medix loved to greet his company’s customers.”

Facing the damage caused by this natural disaster, Sony Hood Gibson said, “It was hard to believe that any life could survive not only by a violent hurricane, but also by destruction.”

“If the cats really had nine lives, he would have used eight lives in those nine days,” he concluded. We must believe that there are Christmas miracles.

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