United States: More than 500 homes destroyed by fire, finally suffocated by snow

Saturday January 1, 2022 ((rezonodwes.com)) –

The fire, which devastated the entire neighborhood of the US state of Colorado “in the blink of an eye” was largely extinguished overnight from Friday to Saturday, with heavy snowfall extinguishing the last fires.

At least 500 homes were smoked and tens of thousands were evacuated, but no deaths have been reported so far, according to Governor Jared Police, “a miracle”.

Damage is no less striking: in aerial images, entire streets are slightly larger than piles of smoking ash. The fire, unlike the previous fire, affected not only the countryside but also the suburbs.

“Families only had a few minutes to leave everything they could – their animals and children – in the car,” Jared told police at a news conference Friday.

It was “in the blink of an eye,” he said.

Flames inspired by strong winds blowing at 160km / h on Thursday tore through the sky. The fire is said to have been caused by power lines falling on dry soil.

The final number of houses destroyed is not yet known. Boulder County Sheriff Joe Belle estimated it would be over 500 on Friday, saying “it would not be surprising if it were over 1,000.”

The fire consumed “mosaic”, with the exception of a few districts to destroy neighboring houses, he explained.

Looking at this devastation, it’s surprising that you do not have a list of 100 missing people, but the sheriff said you do not have it.

In an appeal to the governor’s police, President Joe Biden promised that “everything will be done to provide immediate relief to the affected people and people,” according to the White House. Mr. Biden ordered Colorado to provide federal assistance.

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On Friday, in the ashes of this catastrophic fire, a layer of ice settled, in stark contrast to the furnace of the previous day.

The US Meteorological Agency (NWS) has issued a winter storm warning for parts of the mountainous western part of the country, with heavy rainfall forecast for the coming days.

Joe Belle said the snow “really helps us” and said he did not expect a fire to break out.

Part of the eviction orders were lifted overnight by local authorities.

Historical drought
Colorado, an already arid state like the western United States, has been battling exceptional drought for years.

With global warming, the intensity and frequency of drought and heat wave events are likely to increase further, creating better conditions for forest or shrub fires. In recent years, the U.S. West has experienced unprecedented fires, especially in California and Oregon.

According to UCLA’s meteorologist Daniel Swain, it is “hard to believe” that these fires will occur in December, which is not usually the case in the region.

“However, only two centimeters of snow has been reported so far this season.

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