United States | Mermaids of all stripes flaunt their fins in Virginia

(Manassas) Drenched in shimmering fishtails, hundreds of women and men splashed around in pools this weekend near Washington for one of the world’s largest mermaid encounters.

The MerMagic Convention, held in Manassas, Virginia, brings together every year Americans who are excited about these amazing creatures.

Simple amateurs or “professional mermaids”, who spread their talents in the world of entertainment or for special occasions, compete in carousels in the pools of the aquatic center, and in their luxurious costumes.

In addition to tours in the water and an evening of prom in full costume, this conference is also a trade fair with paid lessons in safe swimming, flashy accessories and professional photos.

But above all, it is an opportunity to include all profiles.

“Regardless of age, origin, body type or disability, everyone can be a mermaid,” says a 19-year-old woman, Merlo, whose head is adorned with a headscarf that matches her long tail. For her, “there are no limits.”

Therefore, in the program, round tables entitled “Diversity Among Mermaids”, “Large Mermaids Make Waves” or even a workshop “Mermaid Make-up for All Colors of the Lake”.


Helena MacLeod, 33, suffers from Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a neurological disease that affects her muscles, “cannot walk with human legs,” but glides over the edge of her pelvis in her long tail with blue highlights.

“I love participating in the magic, and making kids smile when they say ‘Oh, mermaid!'” She also wants to be a model for young people with disabilities, she explains to AFP. “When children see me in wheelchairs, they get so excited…”

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The Chobo mermaid, who has no forearms, explains that she cannot do a large number of sports. “But I love swimming,” says the 27-year-old, who wears a fuchsia wig and brightly colored false scales. “Being a mermaid allows me to exercise and express myself,” “It’s very inclusive.”

A 32-year-old woman, who calls herself Coral Koi, participates in the event every year. “It’s my favorite accord, where can I find so much magic?” Scream.

“It’s a fun way to take care of yourself,” continues this pro club. “We all need something to decompress…”

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