United States: Many states may re-authorize grizzly bear hunting

Grizzly is one of America’s iconic animals. It is said to be the largest land carnivore in North America, behind the polar bears. For now, its hunting is only recognized in Alaska. But that may soon change. In fact, many states north of the Rocky Mountains are trying to raise federal protection around these animals.

They are Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. They want to hunt grizzly bears again in areas near Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, saying conservation is no longer necessary. These bears have been endangered there since 1975. Montana and Wyoming are the two states with the highest number of bears outside Alaska.

Montana’s wildlife commissioners voted Tuesday to sign a multi – state plan to keep more than 900 bears in the Yellowstone area. Wyoming has already signed up to the project, which will allow limited hunting. Idaho officials are expected to review it next month.

Montana agrees to reduce bear population targets in the glacier area that allows for grizzly bear hunting. As a rule a population of over 800 bears must be maintained.

State officials, backed by herd and hunting groups, say the number of bears needs to be more closely controlled. In their arguments, the conflict between bears and humans escalated, including attacks on livestock and occasional human attacks.

Defenders who oppose the removal of the defenses say all three states only intend to reduce the number of grizzly bears and another poaching gray wolf in the area. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the federal agency responsible for wildlife management and conservation, last March recommended maintaining the conservation of endangered species for grizzly bears. The company cited the fact that their habitats are being fragmented and people are constantly killing them.

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When President Donald Trump authorized the hunting of 22 bears in Wyoming and one bear in Idaho, a federal judge intervened last time to restore security, and the decision was later upheld by the Ninth U.S. Court of Appeals.

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