United States International: For the first time in 11 years by Rebecca Marino

New York | It’s been 11 years since Rebecca Marino reached the third round of a Grand Slam tournament. And things happened in Al-Kindi’s life during this decade. Tennis retirement, psychological problems, return to play, long injury…

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No wonder then that Wednesday’s 6-3, 7-6 (5) US Open win over Ukraine’s Daria Snigur was so moving for the 106.e global player.

Because even if Marino has been playing good tennis lately, especially on fast surfaces that go well with his massive serve, this third round remains an “achievement”. A feat of weapons that you have only realized once so far. That was at Roland-Garros, in 2011.

“It’s big for me,” the 31-year-old admitted to reporters on Wednesday. First, because it’s not easy to get back into competition after five years of absence. Second, because it’s not the result that I’ve achieved that much in my career, even at the beginning.

“There is a lot of work behind it all. But I don’t want to stop there. I want to keep going and do better,” continued the person who will face Chinese Shuai Zhang, 36 tomorrow.e Globalism.

This victory, Wednesday, over 125e WTA racket, it wasn’t as easy to get as the score suggests.

funky tennis

Marino had to come to terms with his opponent in an atypical style, which often aimed at corners, sometimes destabilizing the British Columbia.

“She had funky tennis,” Marino said. I didn’t really know what would come out of his racket. She had a good shower. I understand why she won the Wimbledon Junior Championships [en 2019]Why did you beat Simona Halep? [au premier tour]. ”

The Canadian also had to deal with a very noisy crowd…sitting in the stands of Court 12, next to the room she was working in.

In New York, some smaller stadiums are separated only by a row of spectators. On the court next to Marino, American Brandon Holt, son of former player Tracy Austin, was toiling in the fifth set to cheers from the crowd.

Moreover, even in the stands at the stadium where the Canadian played, some fans watched Holt’s game closely – which he eventually lost – and did not hesitate to cheer on their favorite while Marino shot.

“It was a bit difficult to focus, but luckily in the first round it was the same scenario with Ben Chilton [un autre joueur des États-Unis]She laughed. So I was somewhat prepared.

She added, “But it’s always a bit like that at the US Open. The supporters are so loud. It’s demanding, but at the same time, it’s fun!”

Fortunately, Marino was able to use his best weapons to get out of difficult times. Although the Ukrainian gradually adjusted in the second set, the 38 former best players in the world finished the match with 13 aces and 74% of points won on her first serve.

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She admitted it was “one of my best victories”. Because of the work I’ve done in the past years. It is sexy and emotional. It’s happiness.”

The Canadian must score at least 89e Global rank when the next WTA charts are released, in two weeks.

A smarter game

When asked if she feels like she’s playing better now than her ranking indicates, Marino hesitated before answering.

But one thing is for sure: she feels that her tennis is more complete than when she started in the ring, although at the time she was among the top 40 players in the world.

“I feel like I play differently. I have added shots into my game, I move better, I am more versatile, whereas before that I was hitting the ball harder. My tennis is smarter.”

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