United States – Hardrock 100. François Dehaene wins and breaks the record. sport

Canceled in 2019 due to bad weather And last year because of covid-19 pandemicThe Hardrock 100 managed to count on François Dehaene to celebrate with great fanfare his return to the superlative calendar.

Although he is a novice in the path Colorado (161 km, at an average altitude of more than 3,352 meters, with 10,000 meters of positive elevation and many negative elevations), Pofortin felt quite comfortable there.

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Thus, the Grand Raid quadruple winner dealt a double whammy, by being the first to cross the finish line at Silverton, while wiping off the shelves of Kilian Jornet’s two records. The Frenchman became not only the fastest rider in the counterclockwise ring, but also on the entire track.

For his first success in North America, François Dehaene also made an impression by creating his first ultra-running “dream team”. Shortly before the 68 km, the French had already benefited from the help of the first speed maker (the competitors had the right to two), Jim Walmsley, winner three weeks before the Western States 100.

Before dominating 145 other competitors (including just five foreigners), the Arèches trail runner had completed the first kilometers alongside Julien Chorier, Ryan Smith and Dylan Bowman (double winner of the Ultra-Trail of Mount Fuji). Chorier took a minute before refueling for the first time 15 km. But D’haene’s mechanics started on the second climb of the day. Pofortin left her rivals there to control her and did not let them go.

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Fourth French winner

Bowman might try to hold out and also run under the standard time, finding himself plummeting to two minutes at checkpoint two, three minutes into the third, and nine the next. The Colorado native briefly recovered bravely, but then pointed out nineteen minutes from the French at 100 km and 31 minutes at 120 km. He was dehydrated and vomiting, and contented himself with taking second place.

François Dehaene’s infernal speed allowed him to lead 48 minutes off the record by three-quarters of the way, then 1 hour and 20 minutes before the 130 km, and to manage his effort in the night rain, to “ reach without incident at 21h45’51 and crush Kilian’s best time Journet in 2014 (22h41’33).

Thus, Beaufortine became the fourth Frenchman to add his name to the list of awards after Julien Chaurier (2011), Sebastien Cheniot (2013) and Caroline Chaveiro (2017).

For places of honor, Chorier took fourth place, while Jeff Browning, 2018 winner after exclusion from Xavier ThevenardHe got fifth place. Dylan Bowman and Ryan Smith completed the podium.

In the women’s race, Sabrina Stanley had a second “straight” success after 2018. Courtney Dowalter retired by her side shortly after halfway through.

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