United States: Founded in 1816, a Methodist church in Massachusetts closes its doors

Massachusetts is approaching one of its oldest churches. Founded in 1816 by eight members, first in the House Committees, Christ Church UMC Methodist Church in Southwick has faced numerous name, location and membership changes so far. However, the health crisis has significantly weakened this already declining community. Due to the lack of youth to revive the church, the members decided to dissolve it on July 1 with peace and gratitude. “How many have been baptized, committed, married, or buried? How many sermons, songs, prayers and acts of worship flowed from the hearts, minds and souls of his ministers, laity and speakers? Reveals the Church in a note published by Christian Post. Pastor Ken Blanchard decided it was a good time to retire.

“With a declining (membership) population and an aging population, by 2019 church members are beginning to recognize that we can no longer do what we did before.” “Therefore, we have come to the end of an era: the closure of the church”, 206 years later.

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