United States: Florida bans African-American courses in high school

Florida’s Republican governor has announced a ban on the optional course, which he says “indoctrinates” high school students.

In the United States, the Republican rebellion against Awakened ideology continues. Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, made a decision a few days ago that shocked the country: his administration decided to ban African-American courses in high schools in the state. The Florida Department of Education released the information on January 12. In his letter, the minister explains that the course in question is “against the law” of the state and non-existent “Substantial educational value”. Ron DeSantis confirmed a decision during a video posted on Twitter. If Donald Trump’s rival Admit it “School Curriculum Should Teach African American History”He gets angry: “In Florida, we want education, not indoctrination.”. The elected official specifically mentions “Weird Theories” Where “cross section” The danger of political motives being addressed in this course.

These slurs are related to a specific subject. Since 1952, American high school students have had access to specialized courses in the “Advanced Placement Program” (AP). In concrete terms, these are options offered to students to advance university-taught courses and gain university credits from secondary school through examinations. A challenge for high school students interested in integrating highly selective institutions.

A ruler who fuels culture wars

In these courses, those “African American Studies” (“African American Studies”) is the most recent one. And 60 high schools across the country offer the course, which is still considered to be in a “pilot” phase. Basically, this subject is diverse and covers both history and civil rights, politics, literature, art or geography. Written in part by Henry Louis Gates, a professor at Harvard, the plan was approved by the “College Board,” an independent body responsible for these options. The governor of Florida, the first state to ban this course, did not have enough, and more generally, to ban a course taught within the framework of AP.

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This isn’t Ron DeSantis’ first battle with school curricula. In recent years, public opinion has been marked by various laws regarding who might become the next Republican nominee in the US presidential election. Also known as the “Stop Vox Act”, it restricts school teaching on gender and racial issues, starting with individual freedoms. Another example: A law called “don’t say gay” by its criticsIt prevents issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten to year three (equivalent to CE2 in France).

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