United States: Fewer crossings at the southern border since the revision of immigration rules

The number of people trying to cross the Mexico-US border illegally has dropped sharply since new immigration rules went into effect last week, a US official said on Wednesday.

Blas Núñez Neto, of the Department of Homeland Security, said the border police had recorded fewer than 4,000 arrests and deportations of migrants in the past two days.

There were 10,100 a day, he said, during the week before “Title 42,” a measure adopted during the pandemic to shut down the country, was lifted.

That policy was replaced on Friday by a new system, including restrictions on the right to asylum.

Authorities have been seeking to reduce the number of migrants trying to enter the country from Mexico — often more than 200,000 a month last year — that has drawn fierce criticism from Republicans of President Joe Biden.

Therefore, the new rules appear to be performing their deterrent role, as ruled by Blas Núñez Neto.

The official added that the arrival of migrants from South and Central America to the US-Mexico border appeared to be slowing down.

L’application «CBP One», concue pour centraliser les demandes de rendez-vous avec l’immigration America, en a reçu des «dizaines de milliers», et plus de 5000 ont été «traitées» depuis le 12 May, at -says .

However, Blas Núñez Neto noted that “it is too early to draw definitive conclusions from these preliminary indications.”

Separately, an 8-year-old girl died Wednesday of a “medical emergency” while being held by US authorities with her family at a care center in Harlingen, Texas, after crossing the border, according to immigration services.

“Emergency medical services were called and she was taken to the local hospital where she was pronounced dead,” they said in a statement, adding that an investigation had been opened. The identity and nationality of the young immigrant were not disclosed.

On May 10, a 17-year-old Honduran teenager who had crossed the border into the United States without his family died in a care center for unaccompanied minors in Florida.

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