United States: Demonstrators in front of White House, Joe Biden to further protect abortion rights

Two weeks after the US Supreme Court struck down the right to an abortion, several hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the White House this Saturday to call on Joe Biden to act.

The words “My body, my will” (French for “My body, my will”) rang out again this Saturday outside the doors of the White House in Washington. A thousand people, mostly women, gathered there to challenge US President Joe Biden and implore him to defend abortion rights more strongly.

The latter was not in Washington this weekend, but at his home in Delaware. That didn’t stop demonstrators from marching and hanging green scarves on the railings of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, commemorating the Argentine women’s fight for abortion rights.

“He should explore the full range of executive powers to ensure women keep their rights,” one mother told AFP. I’m here so that my daughters don’t go back 50 years and secretly have an abortion.”

Executive power is very weak

The protest was organized by the Women’s March movement that drew millions to the streets of Washington and across the country the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as president in 2017. After the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, the organization called for a “summer of rage.” The Women’s March is calling on Joe Biden to declare a national emergency that would allow the federal government to allocate additional funding to abortion procedures. The Washington Post.

The march encompassed a week of action that included protests in the US Senate and several states across the country.

Ever since the ultra-conservative Supreme Court upheld abortion rights across the United States on June 24, the Democratic president has been accused of not being aggressive enough. He said the executive branch on the issue was limited and that the only way to restore abortion rights in all states was through federal legislation, so voters gave Democrats a large majority in next November’s midterm legislative elections. .

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