United States: Abortion Issue in “Midterms” Campaign [5/7]

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Among the themes that made up the closing “midterms” campaign was abortion rights. The Supreme Court’s striking down of constitutional protections for this right shocked many.

From our correspondent in Washington,

We are in early October in Washington, in the Capitol Hill district, near the Supreme Court. Like hundreds of women, Cleo Vanwey, a 21-year-old sociology student, came to express her anger at the court’s decision.Overturn its Roe v. Wade decision in JuneIt made abortion a right for all American women for 50 years.

But she didn’t want to stop there. As elections approach, this is a key political issue for him. ” It’s very important that we have the House and the Senate because if Roe v. Wade is going to be enacted, the Democrats in the Senate and the House have to do it. “, she says.

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Ask to vote

This is Joe Biden’s pledge. Democrats were emboldened over the summer by rejecting a proposal to amend the constitution of the conservative state of Kansas to ban abortion. The anti-abortion movement then suffered a crushing defeat, which Cleo VanVey feasted on.

Seen in Kansas with Amendment No. 2”, analyzes the Clio Vanway. “ Women registered to vote and went to the polls in large numbers to ensure abortion was protected in Kansas. Hopefully we’ll see more of the same in November. »

For that, we need to get people to vote. This is what Cleo Vanway is trying to do.

My friends and I are very active in politics and the reproductive justice movement. Every day we talk about access to abortion and how we can fight to make it safe. I always encourage my friends to vote. It’s important to have these conversations. “How do I vote?” What if someone asks? How do I do? It only takes 5 minutes to sit down with a person, register them, claim their postal ballot or find their polling station.

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Fear of a global ban on abortion

It’s not clear that this anger will automatically translate into words, but Cleo Vanway says she feels, at her level, a real movement.

People are very angry because it happened so quickly that it immediately pushed them to act. I have more friends who are willing to vote because abortion rights are under attack “, Cleo Vanway explains. “ In 2018, not as many people went out to vote in the midterms, but this year more people are coming to tell me.We must protect the right to abortion, and I will vote. »

Recent polls suggest that after the summer, abortion has given way in part to economic concerns. Fear of the Republican majority banning voluntary termination of pregnancy nationwide is encouraging Cleo Vanway to fight even harder.

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