United States: A restaurant offers its employees a “Day of Mercy”

Faced with the unacceptable behavior of some of its customers, a restaurant in Massachusetts decided to close its doors to observe “Day of Mercy”. New York Times And USA Today, July 14 and 15. Brandi Felt Costellano and his wife, Regina Felt Costellano, owners of Opt Cap Code in Brewster, announced on Facebook on July 8 that the restaurant would be closed for breakfast that day and not open until 5pm for dinner.

The decision came earlier this month after a customer scolded a young employee and told him he could not order because the restaurant was not yet open. “While many of our customers show compassion and understanding, we also see people who do not treat us, insulting us, threatening us, arguing or yelling at our employees and making them cry every day. This is unacceptable,” the restaurant owners wrote.

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The couple later explained that they had decided to take a day to completely clean up the establishment and give its employees a “day of grace”. “Please remember that a lot of my employees are young, which is their first job or summer job, helping them pay for their education,” the owners continued.

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Castellanos told Today Food that it had decided to close in order to value “employees rather than money”. They hope to “spread the message of compassion and change the culture in which restaurant workers simply have to be abused because of the job they choose.” Restaurant workers have reported an increase in disrespectful behavior since the lifting of health restrictions.

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