United State. These Americans who are secretly combining two jobs thanks to remote work

It’s a new kind of worker, juggling jobs.

In the US, employees have taken advantage of the development of telecommuting to fill two jobs… in secret. They work for two companies, have two bosses, and therefore two salaries.

This process will flourish in the banking, technology and insurance sectors. So these are not low-skill jobs. exactly the contrary. Believing they have plenty of time for two jobs with the benefits of working remotely, they don’t hesitate to make money – temporarily – twice that amount.

Some earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.

Combine schedules and…don’t get caught

With this trick that I spotted The Wall Street JournalSome were able to pay off the loan for their studies, or buy a sports car.

But, apart from the fact that the process is questionable (and dangerous depending on the employment contracts), it takes a lot of effort. Because it is not only a matter of working twice as hard, but also of succeeding in combining their schedules, and above all not falling into a trap. Thus, the website (overemployed.com) specializes in this duality, and offers advice to those starting out, particularly on the discretion needed to adopt.

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