United State. As the missing girl’s fiancée disappears

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Gabriel Pettito’s fiancé refuses to cooperate with the police in the search for the young woman.

Brian Laundry, 23, a young American fiancée whose mysterious disappearance fascinates the United States, is also missing for several days.

Orator American guy who enchanted his mysterious disappearance United States of America, The only person the police sees as ‘Worthwhile to investigate’He disappeared in turn for several days, according to his parents.

Gabriel Pettito, 22, left New York In July with partner Brian Laundry, 23, the start of a supposed four-month truck ride that the pair regularly shared their stages for on Instagram and YouTube, through photos and videos.

But on September 1, Brian Laundry came home alone with the truck to their Florida home. On September 11, Gabriel Pettito’s family reported her disappearance, saying they had not heard from her since the end of August.

Mobilizing Internet Users

After lovers followed on social networks for weeks across the stunning landscapes of the American West, netizens began mobilizing to try to find the little girl, and the media took control of the story.

Police have announced that they are currently dealing with Brian’s disappearance following the disappearance of Gabriel “Multiple Disappearance”.

“When we have details, we will make a statement,” North Harbor Police Chief, Todd Garrison tweeted.

The couple were seen on social media during their trip smiling, kissing affectionately and walking side by side on the beach. But a video released by police in Moab, a small town in Utah, added to the confusion about the role played by her boyfriend.

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$45,000 in funds raised

Gabriel Pettito is shown there crying in a car after the police intervened in a husband’s quarrel. After Gabrielle’s family – nicknamed Gabby – reported her missing, police questioned Brian and said he didn’t provide them. ” There is no information “.

“Brian refuses to tell us where he last saw Gabe, or why he left her alone, and he brought the truck back.” These are important questions that require immediate answers.”Appeal to the traveler’s family in a press release.

The FBI has opened a hotline for anyone with information, social media is very active, and a fund has been set up on GoFundMe for Raise money to help find Gabby Petito He earned more than $45,000 on Thursday.

The young woman, whose last contact with her family dates back to the end of August, is said to have been last seen in the very majestic Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming.

He refused to testify

As evidence of the media’s interest in the case, Northport Police said it had interviewed “All major TV channels and about 60 media outlets in the last 48 hours”.

“Brian refuses to tell Gabe’s family where he last saw her. Brian also refuses to explain why he left Gabe alone and drove the truck to Florida. These are important questions that require immediate answers.”Appeal to the traveler’s family in a press release.

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