United Kingdom: Young immigrants are mistreated with adults

IThey were threatened with expulsion. Minor asylum seekers were recently detained at adult detention centers after immigration officials mistakenly estimated their age to be over 25. Lawyers for these young immigrants who came to the UK by boat denounced these facts. According to The Independent, Interior Ministry sues. Many experts believe that detainees with adults are more likely to be abused, which could put the child at risk.

When a minor arrives in the UK alone, a social worker is hired to assess their age. But government instructions indicate that the age of the individual should be re-evaluated only when there is reason to doubt it. This practice, in theory, should not be systematic. In addition, there were no clinical trials that contradicted the social worker’s assessment.

Angry social workers

Naomi Jackson, a social worker who does not belong to the Boundaries Association, says it is particularly “controversial” that the Home Office appoints social workers to use a kind of immigration policy, not to worry about welfare. Be one of these unsupported foreign minors, The Independent.

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“These people are in a lot of trouble … the government needs to put in place better controls to prevent any misfortune for these young boys or girls,” said Clare Mosley, co-founder of Care 4Colleys.

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