United Kingdom | Uber will offer to book rides on its app

(LONDON) Chauffeur-driven vehicle (VTC) booking and meal delivery platform announced on Wednesday that it will launch a feature this summer in the UK that allows users to book rides directly in its app.

A spokesperson for the group, which already launched multimedia flight capabilities on its British app last year, said the UK would be the first to test the feature.

“Uber already facilitates the first and last leg of many international trips,” the company said in a statement. This new option ‘will enable a true door-to-door experience […]All stages of the journey can be managed from the company’s platform.

Air travel bookings will join a range of modes of transport available on the app across the Channel: boats on the River Thames, bus tours or even a Eurostar to take the Channel Tunnel.

Uber said the new feature will be powered by online travel agent Hopper.

The Californian company in early May reported better-than-expected first-quarter results and forecasts, driven by a 40% increase in demand for chauffeur-drive rides.

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