United Kingdom: The number of pets …

LPets, best friends of the controlled? In the UK, domestic dog and cat owners erupted with the Govt-19 crisis. Many British supermarkets now have to fight … food shortages for these loyal four-legged comrades, BBC. Therefore, Sainsbury’s, the second largest food chain in the United Kingdom, has apologized to its customers for the shortage of “new” food bags. Canned and dried foods are not yet affected.

But this is not an isolated case. Morrisons stores have announced they can no longer order, but there is still enough inventory. Waitros and Tesco have seen strong demand in recent months.

Not available for several months?

All four companies made the same observation: Imprisonment in the UK to prevent corona virus infection has actually raised the adoption of pets to combat loneliness. “We have been working closely with our suppliers to increase their capacity and may not be available to us for several months,” Morrisons warned. However, the brand advises its customers not to rush into the rest of the stock: “We have enough reserves to meet the needs of our customers and their new pets, so people do not need to buy more than they need. “

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On the part of animal feed manufacturers, there are also concerns about impending shortages. Helen Warren-Piper, managing director of Mars Bedcare UK, which manufactures pedigree and viscose brands, told the BBC: “We feel that retailers are experiencing extraordinary pet food demand during the lockdown.” The same is true for manufacturer Purina, who believes the British market is “significantly developed” during epidemics.

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