United Kingdom: Sussex Residents Assistance for Immigrants

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The Conservative government and its supporters are mobilizing some British people against immigration – especially those coming to the UK in makeshift boats across the canal – to help them. For example, in Sussex, a city of 100,000 people, volunteers have formed an association called “Hastings Supports Refugees” whose members locate incoming boats on the beach and rescue them. Local pubs and cafes offer them food and drink and personal clothing. Residents living along the coast are alerting volunteers if they see boats. According to Rachel Roser, one of the organizers of the association, “the majority of the people at Hastings are beautiful and willing to help.” Thus, a week after the shipwreck that killed 27 people, more than பவு 20,000 (,000 24,000) was raised in just a few days of fundraising in support of immigrants organized in the city. The best example of unity that contradicts the arrogance and racism of Boris Johnson and his group.

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