United Kingdom – Supreme Court rejects gender neutrality in passports


Masculine, feminine, but not neutral. The British passport will only be assigned to two “traditional” types, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, which dismissed Christy Ellen-Kane.

Unlike the British, the US passport allows gender X.

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The British Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected the appeal of a man who did not recognize himself in the traditional “male” or “female” choices and has been campaigning for 25 years for a “gender X” to be issued on a passport.

Christie Ellen-Kane took the case to the UK Supreme Court in March 2020 after losing her call for the government to recognize gender neutrality in passports. Christie, who was born a girl, underwent several surgeries, including double mastitis and later hysterectomy, and was identified as a “non-sexual” person.

Unanimous rejection

Christie argued that the UK passport application process, which requires individuals to indicate whether they are male or female, violates the right to privacy.

Its chairman, Robert Reid, said his appeal was “unanimously rejected” by the Supreme Court. He noted that there was no European Court of Human Rights ruling establishing the obligation to recognize gender other than male or female, or that authorities were not required to issue passports without gender specifications.

Twelve countries have fallen

The president also stressed the need to “maintain a consistent approach throughout government and the legal system, which so far has only recognized gender.” “I am just happy to be able to tell you today that justice has not been served. The case is currently being heard at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, “said Christy Ellen-Kane on Twitter.

At least a dozen countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany and Argentina, as well as India or Pakistan, offer the choice of “X” or “Other” in their passports, according to the London-based Equality and Admission Employers Network. .


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