United Kingdom. Spending and warming up for King Charles

The British monarch’s expenditure was £107.5 million in 2022/2023, increasing with the arrival of King Charles III (archives).


Spending on the British monarchy has increased by 5% over last year, particularly due to the change of regime and the ongoing renovation of Buckingham Palace. But heating has been ruled out to reduce emissions.

In total, according to the monarchy’s annual accounts, the monarchy’s expenditure was 107.5 million pounds (122 million francs). The increase was attributed in particular to Buckingham Palace’s restoration work and “costs associated with the change of regime”.

The “Sovereignty Grant”, an annual allocation to the monarchy from the British Treasury to offset royal family reserves, is set at 15% of the Crown’s legacy income, although it will remain constant in 2022-2023. , £86.3 million. The amount is £1.29 per person in the UK, the palace said in a press release.

19 degrees in Buckingham

The report “marks a period of exceptional transition for the Royal Family”, the press release underlined the person responsible for the management of the royal accounts. During the Twelve Months, “we remember how the country came together to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee in June, and to mourn her late majesty in September, marking the monarch’s accession and the months leading up to Charles III’s coronation.” And his wife Camilla, he added.

The report establishes that members of the Royal Family took part in 2,700 engagements in the UK and abroad. 95,000 guests were received at official residences during 330 events to recognize their “contribution to society”.

The monarchy also announces a 19% reduction in natural gas and heating-related emissions. In winter, the temperature at Buckingham Palace is lowered to 19 degrees Celsius to reduce emissions.


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