United Kingdom: Queen Elizabeth II is forced to rest for two weeks

Personal eviction at age 95. Queen Elizabeth II must rest for at least two weeks, Buckingham Palace announced on Friday evening, saying the king would not make any official visit during this period.

Sovereign, who spent a night in hospital nine days ago, said Friday evening at Buckingham Palace that he could continue to carry out “lighter tasks”, including video conferencing, and that doctors had advised him to rest for at least two weeks.

The palace added that the Queen “regrets” her omission from attending a memorial service on November 13 to honor British and Commonwealth soldiers. But the royal statement said he “had a firm intention” to attend an event marking Memorial Sunday the next day around the cemetery in London.

The Queen rested on October 20, the day after a reception at Windsor Castle, where she chatted with her Prime Minister Boris Johnson and American businessman Bill Gates. He spent the next night in the hospital, having been admitted to the hospital since 2013, for a “preliminary examination” of unspecified content.

But the palace, which was set up for practical reasons, according to government sources, was waiting for the Palace to publish the news that night for The Sun newspaper – raising questions about his health, as well as criticism of the denunciations. Lack of transparency.

Interventions with recorded video

The Queen officially took on “light” tasks. In particular, he received two new ambassadors via video conference. On Thursday, when he presented the gold medal for poetry to English poet David Constantine at a video conference hearing, he last appeared in public view. In the 24-second video aired by the palace, she is shown smiling and discussing with the poet through intermittent screens.

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Instead of going to COP26, Buckingham underlined that the Queen would speak to delegates via recorded video message, “disappointed not to be able to attend the reception”. The inaugural address of COP26 will be delivered by his son Charles, the heir to the crown. The 72-year-old prince, less loved by the British, was already his representative abroad because he did not go there. The Queen can also trust her grandson Prince William, who is the third in line and more famous than his father.

Asked this week, monarch Benny Jr. said it was a “breakthrough”. “She works at the pace of a 20-year-old, and I think the public should adjust their expectations and recognize that she is 95 years old,” he said.

The queen, who has been king for nearly 70 years and will celebrate her platinum next year, has recently made a very good appearance in public. After his traditional summer vacation in Palmoral, Scotland, he took part in almost everyday official engagements, resuming its pre-epidemic rhythm: 295 engagements in 2019. Reviews of government documents and its almost weekly talks are rare. Prime Minister.

Elizabeth II was recently seen walking with cane, the first time since 2004. According to The Sun, the king has also stopped walking his dogs in recent days.

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