United Kingdom: Prince Philip will be admitted to hospital this weekend

LThe care of Prince Philip, who was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, will continue. Buckingham Palace announced on Friday, February 19, that 99-year-old Queen Elizabeth’s husband would have been admitted “precautionarily” to a London hospital over the weekend. “The Duke of Edinburgh will stay in the hospital for the weekend and until next week,” Palace Agency told France-Press, and the non-man is in good spirits.

Prince Philip was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital on Tuesday evening. “His admission to the hospital was a precautionary measure, on the advice of his Royal Highness doctor, after he fell ill,” the palace said in a statement. A circle in the palace made it clear that he was not affected by Govt-19. In early January, the 94-year-old British monarch and her husband first received the corona virus vaccine at Windsor Castle, where they were staying during the lock-up period in the United Kingdom.

Many visits to the hospital since 2017

Prince Philip retired in August 2017 after participating in more than 22,000 official public services since his wife ascended the throne in 1952. He continues to be with the Queen for some public appearances whenever he wants. In June 2017, he was admitted to the hospital for two nights to be treated for an “infection associated with an existing disease”.

Following that, he underwent hip surgery in 2018 and was involved in a spectacular car accident in January 2019 when his Land Rover collided with another vehicle coming out of an alley in Sandringham Garden. He fled, then stopped driving. At the end of December 2019, he was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital for four nights “due to pre-existing health issues,” the palace said.

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