United Kingdom: Officials ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘ineffective’ dealing with migrant influx

Outdated equipment, poorly mastered procedures, inadequate equipment… Two independent reports published on Thursday have slammed British officials as incompetent and reactive in managing migrant arrivals in the UK.

England’s response has been poor due to the increasing influx of small migrant boats on its shores. This is the conclusion of an independent inquiry published across the Channel on Thursday, July 21, into the management of asylum seekers by London.

Commissioned by British Home Secretary Priti Patel, the report reveals the authorities’ inability to manage the growing number of people fleeing the country to seek asylum, particularly from countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq.

The report’s author, David Neill, chief inspector of Borders and Immigration, did not go hand-in-hand. ” Vol [des arrivées] It’s unprecedented, some days the system is clearly overloaded,” he said.

According to the expert, the methods used by British authorities to collect information on migrants are “disastrous”. The safety equipment used was very old and “unreliable”, and given the procedures, they were poorly controlled, David Neill, who considered these shortcomings “inexcusable”.

More than 200 migrants left

In four months, more than 200 migrants left the hotels they were staying in after arriving, the report revealed. Others are not subject to biometric identification processes.

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The report was on Priti Patel’s desk last February, five months before it was intended to be published in April, but the Home Office was slow to take its findings into account, David said. The latter said he was “frustrated” by the delay.

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The Home Office, for its part, said it had accepted all of David Neill’s recommendations and had already changed the way it dealt with migrants arriving in dinghies.

The patrol boats of the “Border Force” are unsuitable for search operations

Thursday, Another independent report It also drew a very critical assessment of the action of the British authorities. According to the document, drawn up by former Australian immigration minister Alexander Downer, Border Force (Border Force in English) cannot opt ​​out of the “crisis management” function, and operate “sub-optimally”. “.

Conclusions: They were completely “useless” in managing the influx of settlers to the island.

Worse, they are “potentially counter-productive” and their actions do not deter migrants from making the Channel crossing. However, the report does not give concrete examples of this “counter-productivity”.

However, the inquiry pointed out that the speedboats used by the “Border Force” were not suitable for carrying out search and rescue operations.

The harsh criticism comes as London has in recent months deployed an arsenal of tougher measures to deal with the influx of migrants, starting with the highly controversial deal with Rwanda.

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In June, the United Kingdom announced a measure aimed at tracking migrants who have entered the country illegally using GPS-equipped electronic bracelets.

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Actions not delivering the expected results: Since the start of 2022, around 15,100 people have crossed the Channel from France and reached the UK. This is nearly double the number recorded at this time of year in 2021.

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