United Kingdom: Mandatory charging station in all new buildings

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson announced on November 22 that from next year, one or more smart charging stations for electric vehicles will be fitted in every new construction. This rule also applies to older buildings undergoing major renovations. Note that this rule applies to supermarkets, offices (at least one charging station for five parking spaces), as well as private homes. Of course, a classic socket on the front is not enough: it should be called “intelligent” charging stations, which can recharge cars with the power available on the network at that time, so without too much load.

Each year, the British government plans to install 145,000 new charging stations in the region. Thus the country is getting ready for 2030, where the new thermal car can not be sold. The government is also introducing a free app that allows drivers to calculate how much they will save if they switch to an electric vehicle. All these measures together should assure the British of the change of electricity.

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