United Kingdom: Home Secretary suspected of seeking preferential treatment

According to The Sunday Times, which reveals the information, the minister has asked advisers to organize a private course in the rules of the road to avoid a group of motorists taking the course after being fined for speeding. points on their driver’s license.

The case caught up with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the G7 summit in Japan. “We don’t know the full details of what happened,” he said when asked by reporters.

“She expressed regret for speeding, accepted the permit and paid the fine”, he announced, assuring him that the Prime Minister’s confidence was “definite”, as quoted by agency PA.

The Labor opposition is calling for an inquiry into the minister’s alleged breach of the law, which could lead to him leaving the government.

“Ms Braverman regrets admitting to speeding last summer. She chose to lose three points on her license and pay a fine last year,” the minister’s spokesman responded in a statement sent to AFP.

The minister did not directly respond to these allegations.

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