United Kingdom: Heats up banks to tackle rising electricity prices


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Despite the cold, the more humble Brits don’t turn on the heat because it costs too much. To give them some respite, shopkeepers offer them places heated by their activities.

He already does -3° V.S At 6pm in a town in the West of England. Cold creeps into the heart of every home. “We were completely frozen. I spend my time looking at this energy meter. He goes over budget at the end of every week.”laments Claire Williams, a resident Runcorn (UK). The mother of the family cannot afford more than that 20 minutes of warm up per day. The cold worsens asthma in one of his sons.

Merchants share their premises

As they do, more than three million British homes will not be able to heat themselves this winter as energy prices have nearly quadrupled. The country is seeing the emergence of hot spots or heat banks modeled after food banks. Communal space is popular with retirees struggling to cope with life on a low pension. UK, 3 600 heat banks are listed. They are managed by the municipality, associations or businessmen like a baker who decided to share the heat of his oven.

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