United Kingdom / Germany: New case of suspected spy on behalf of Moscow?

A British man has been arrested in Germany on suspicion of spying for Russia. The man worked at the British Embassy in Berlin.

Germany on Wednesday announced the arrest of a British national suspected of spying for Russia. The man worked at the British Embassy in Berlin.

He is suspected of converting a sum of money into cash.

The case was taken very seriously by London and Berlin, and relations with Russia were complicated, especially due to previous spy cases.

The German Foreign Ministry responded quickly with the voice of one of its spokesmen, Christopher Burger.

“_We take very seriously the allegations that the intelligence activities of the person arrested on behalf of the Russian intelligence were carried out,” he said. _

One thing we cannot accept is that the secret services on German soil are spying on a close ally. This is why we follow the inquiries conducted by the Attorney General very closely.

The 57-year-old suspect was arrested in Potsdam, southwest of Berlin. He was imprisoned.

Currently, Jonah Calgren, a Euronews reporter in Berlin, explains that it is not clear exactly how much money the man received. We do not know the degree of confidentiality of the documents sent.

However, the issue is in danger of worsening relations between the United Kingdom and Russia. Relationships that have been damaged for years. It also risks complicating relations between Germany and Russia. A checker relationship. It comes when Germany enters a campaign period.

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