United Kingdom: Elizabeth II will not attend Mass on Holy Thursday

According to a 12th century tradition, the sovereign distributes coins printed for Holy Thursday to believers. Queen Elizabeth II, who is celebrating her 96th birthday later this month, has given up attending next week’s religious ceremony, which she faithfully attends every year. Absence, again, raises the question of his health.

He is the son Prince CharlesThe heir to this year’s crown, along with his wife Camilla, made the announcement at Buckingham Palace on Friday during a mass event at Windsor Castle.

Holy Thursday Mass, according to Christian tradition, commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus with the Twelve Apostles and is part of the preparations for Easter Sunday, which marks the resurrection of Jesus.

The Queen has significantly reduced her schedule from the night she was admitted to the hospital for testing, the nature of which has yet to be revealed.

She had retreated to Windsor Castle, forty miles from London, since the outbreak. He recently admitted to having difficulty moving.

Covit-19 was positively tested in February, with Queen Elizabeth II resuming part of her duties in early March. Last week, she attended a religious ceremony in honor of her late husband, Prince Philip, at Westminster Abbey in London. It was the first anniversary of the man who had been his “rock” for 73 years.

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