United Kingdom: Deputy Prime Minister resigns over allegations of harassment

With two weeks of local elections promising to be difficult for the Conservatives in power, an independent report has confirmed that Dominic Raab, also the justice secretary, has engaged in behavior similar to moral harassment towards collaborators in previous jobs. Ministerial.

I had requested this investigation and pledged to resign if the facts of the harassment, whatever they were, were proven. I believe in keeping my wordMr Raab wrote in a letter to the Prime Minister, refusing to be cross-examined, criticizing the procedure and showing no remorse.

In his response, in the same tone, Rishi Sunak voiced himself Great grief On accepting the resignation of his ally who played a key role in his campaign for Downing Street last summer, praising his work at length without questioning his behaviour.

Minister Oliver Dowden was appointed Deputy Prime Minister while Alex Choke, an MP and former barrister, became Minister for Justice.

Sinak was criticized by the opposition

The issue falls badly for the Conservative government as local elections approach, but also when Rishi Sunak, in Downing Street since October, appears to have stabilized his party after months of scandals and a dip in the polls. What did he know about the charges against his ally when he named him second? asks the opposition.

Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer also accused the prime minister of weakness for not removing Mr Raab from office, letting him resign instead.

This investigation was launched following eight complaints relating to Dominic Raab’s conduct while he was Foreign Secretary, Brexit Secretary, or during a previous visit to the Ministry of Justice.

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However, the report, which acquits him of several counts, indicates that he acted in some way Unreasonably scary and aggressive during a business meeting. Mr. Raab is also said to have committed a Abuse or misuse of (individual) power Resulting in To defame and humiliate a partner.

fear culture

The British press has reported in recent months a fear culture It was presented by the former minister, or even a tomato thrown in a fit of rage at a meeting, which his spokesperson denied at the time.

Dominic Raab, a black belt in karate and known for being an argument nerd from Tories who are highly critical of the administration, expressed concern in his resignation letter about The former is dangerous. Ministers must be able to directly criticizethe work of senior officials.

Going to the BBC, he was worried about They risk a very small majority of hardline civil servants (…) who do not like reforms (…) trying to block the government. It is not very democraticDominic Raab added.

The latter had already been demoted from the government in 2021. Then the head of diplomacy, he remained on leave while the Taliban took power in Kabul.

Third departure

He is the third minister to resign from Rishi Sunak’s government after various accusations, a fresh stain on the prime minister’s promise to emerge. Integrity, professionalism and responsibility In power after a series of scandals under Boris Johnson.

In November, Gavin Williamson, the minister without portfolio, resigned after accusations of harassment.

In January, Rishi Sunak had to sack Conservative Party Chairman Nadeem Zahawi, who was a member of the cabinet, over tax disputes.

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The wealthy British Prime Minister also finds himself once again embarrassed by his family’s fortune, a source of potential conflict of interest. A parliamentary inquiry was recently opened into possible shortcomings in his advertisement, as his wife owns shares in a childcare company that would likely benefit from the latest government aid.

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