United Kingdom: Control measures approved by MEPs

With 369 votes in favor and 126 votes against, House of Commons representatives voted to introduce a health permit law to allow access to certain places in the UK, such as nightclubs or some large gatherings.

The move provoked great opposition within the conservative camp. 98 Tory delegates voted against, accusing the government of being cautious and violating freedoms. What prompted Health Secretary Sajid Javed to defend the move: “Despite the progress we have made, the NHS will never have unlimited beds or an unlimited number of people to take care of everyone in those beds. So if we think there is a risk of capacity overruns we should intervene “, He said before the vote _._

This was the biggest protest of the conservative camps since Boris Joseon came to power. In the midst of the “partygate” scandal – these revelations about the complete blockade of parties on Downing Street – the Prime Minister seems to be becoming more and more isolated and his reputation is declining.

However, due to the support of Labor MPs, many of the proposals in his “Plan B” tabled last Thursday have been approved. Among them, it is the duty of the NHS in the UK to verify the wearing of masks in most indoor areas, except pubs and restaurants, or to vaccinate leading staff of the health system against Govt-19.

At the same time, the government announced the end of more stringent restrictions on immigrants from eleven African countries – a way to soften angry elected officials. According to the Minister of Health, the new measures are “balanced and proportionate” in the face of the Omicron variant, which, according to him, already pollutes 200,000 people every day. They too “Very low “ Severe “Than established in most European countries“, Sajid Javed assured.

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As the Omicron variant spreads rapidly across the country, the government intends to expedite the vaccine: London wants to offer a third dose of the vaccine to all adults by the end of December.

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