United Kingdom: Channel 4 rebrands its platform to All4… Channel 4

Channel 4 plans to rebrand its on-demand service in a bid to help viewers “navigate the best choices in the digital world”.

All 4 will be renamed Channel 4 next spring, but the broadcaster is considering rebranding for more linear channels.

The public service broadcaster’s 12-channel TV network includes Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, 4seven and The Box Plus Network, as well as 4Music. A Channel 4 spokesman said it was “currently investigating how the rebranding will affect its other linear channels”, adding that the study would include “testing more viewer-friendly approaches”.

Zaid Al KhasabChannel 4’s marketing director confirmed the brand change will take place in spring 2023. channels, and we will bring everything together under this single channel for the brand with other traditional channels to follow later this year.

It’s the latest move by UK broadcasters to better reach younger audiences as linear audiences shrink and streaming, on-demand and social media streaming rise. Ahead of the start of the World Cup on November 20, ITV plans to launch its new streaming service, ITVX. Recent research from Enders Analysis predicts that broadcast TV will halve total video viewing in the UK by 2027 (from 63% this year), with under-35s spending between 10% and 20% of video viewing time. Broadcasters’ long-form content over five years.

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The linear and digital worlds are now “blurred”.

Zaid Al-Kassab said this digital rebranding will allow Channel 4 to better reach a smaller audience and will use the Channel 4 identity in all its locations; Linear, digital and social platforms. This rebranding has already started with some social channels like sports and comedy.

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He said: “I think the most important idea as a brand is to help people navigate in this very crowded and competitive media world that we find ourselves in, especially young audiences and increasingly not all audiences actually do that. Differentiate what they’re looking at and we’re going to linearize it. We’ve called it or we’ve called it digital or social. It’s the content they want to see and engage with and this linear, digital world is so blurry and colliding, and we have to move in the moment. What we’re going to do to deal with this crowded world is to make the audience a one-stop shop. And aligning all of our products and services under the Channel 4 brand so they know what they’re getting.

Rebranding is ‘strategic, not reactive’

The rebrand is part of Channel 4’s digital strategy, unveiled in 2020, Future 4, which prioritizes digital growth, puts viewers “at the heart” of its decision-making and renews its relationship with young audiences to ensure it is the “broadcaster of choice”. “, as well as Its new digital brand, Channel 4.0, was launched in October.

Zaid Al-Kassab said Channel 4 will become the “beloved curator” or “north star” in the digital world for viewers, while “aligning” with quality content and a trusted brand. He stressed the importance of viewers finding credible, regulated, safe and reliable UK PSB content in a world where fake news and lies are rife.

As part of the rebranding, Channel 4 plans to invest heavily in its streaming platform to “create a seamless user experience”. When The Media Leader requested, the broadcaster could not provide details of this investment amount.

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When asked how this rebranding from All 4 to Channel 4 could be integrated to better engage with younger audiences A relaunch of BBC Three’s youth channel Where The imminent launch of the new ITVX streaming serviceZaid Al-Kassab said: “I’m forced to say that we have significantly more younger viewers, dozens of times more than BBC Three, so it’s not a distraction or a reason for us, so to speak, to react. It’s really a strategic position, We take it based on our own insights to understand our own audience and do what we think is right and perspective.

He added, “Others may have different perspectives and choose to launch more linear channels. Our view is that this is the way to go, and we’re very happy that young audiences are watching us on VOD, and a lot of people watch us primarily on VOD for a lot of our shows, and that’s a great fit for us.

(Written by Ella Sagar – Head of Media UK)

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