United Kingdom. Buckingham to investigate harassment allegations against Megan Markle

The testimonials are cool on the back. “Harassed, some members of the team burst into tears”, “I was scared”, “I could not stop trembling” … these statements are a British newspaper The Times It reveals allegations of harassment targeting Prince Harry’s wife, Megan Markle.

These facts are told from the time when the Duchess of Sussex and her husband still lived with the royal family. Jason Nauf, then Secretary of Communications, even filed a harassment complaint in October 2018, which underscores the British headline.

Buckingham will inquire

In Buckingham, we take the matter seriously. “Very concerned,” the Palace announced Wednesday with the intention of investigating the allegations. In a statement, he said he did not tolerate any harassment: “Our HR team will review the circumstances mentioned in the article. At that time the staff involved, including those who left the Royal House, will be invited to participate. See if any lessons can be learned.”

Through a spokeswoman, Megan Markle said she was “sorry” by the allegations of harassment, specifically that she was the one who persecuted herself and was deeply involved in the harassment. Support for those suffering from pain and trauma. “He is determined to continue his work for champion compassion around the world and will strive to lead by example in doing the right thing,” said a spokesman for the Duchess of Sussex.

Prior to the March 7 airing of an interview with Harry and Megan on CBS written by American TV star Oprah Winfrey, the couple’s lawyers argued that the newspaper was “used by Buckingham Palace to solve a completely false story.”

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This interview is eagerly awaited in the United Kingdom, where the press and government experts expect revelations from the couple, who do not hide their awkwardness within the royal family before they get involved. Withdrawal from last year.

After all, the interview airs on the same day as Elizabeth II’s intervention. On the eve of Commonwealth Day, Oprah Winfrey will broadcast a message from the BBC Queen just hours before the show.

He settled in the United States with his wife Prince Harry, 36, in sixth place next to the British Crown, has repeatedly denounced media pressure on his couple, and has been the main reason for his departure from the royal family, effective April 2020.

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