United Kingdom: Boxing Day begins in the midst of a purchasing power crisis


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On Monday, December 26, Boxing Day began, the period of sales that the British are eagerly awaiting. Only, the country is troubled by a purchasing power crisis and a railway strike, which complicates the journey to reach the capital.

The English are looking for promotions, on Monday, 26 December, on this first day of Boxing Day, the traditional post-Christmas sales. In front of the store, the staff cares greatly about the customers who will never miss an appointment for anything in the world. “I try to come every year. There are really good deals.”says a woman. But “Boxing Day” has a special flavor this year, as the United Kingdom is going through a major purchasing power crisis. Many Englishmen are tightening their belts.

No circulating trains

“I’m careful about what I spend. I only buy what I really want.”Briton says. Many tourists also come to take advantage of the sales, such as the Alsatian family. She was fortunate to be able to get to London in time for that scheduled date because today no train runs in the country. A railway strike prevents the English from reaching the capital.

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