United Kingdom | Boris Johnson says there is no scientific reason to delay the restoration

(London) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday that there was “absolutely nothing” in the scientific data justifying his review of the restructuring plan for the UK, while some scientists warned of new variants of the corona virus.

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The UK, the most distressed country in Europe by the COVID-19 epidemic, will slowly be released from its third prison in the coming weeks. Wales became the first Saturday in four British provinces to lift some restrictions placed earlier this year against the spread of a new, more widespread variation that appeared in the Southeast at the end of 2020. . From the UK.

On Monday, it will be the UK’s turn to soften its operations, allowing groups of six to meet outside. Pub and restaurant terraces and non-essential stores will reopen to customers on April 12th.

“As it stands, I do not see any data that could prevent us from continuing on the path to freedom, imprisonment for our economy and a return to the life we ​​want,” the Prime Minister said on Saturday. Virtual release of his Conservative Party’s campaign for local elections in May.

Earlier today, one of the government’s scientific advisers stressed the need for vigilance. “In the short term, we’re worried about new varieties,” Mike Tildesley told the Times Radio. The third wave of COVID-19 hit Europe hard and hit the UK in three weeks.

Boris Johnson, aware of the “risks”, said the success of his large-scale vaccination campaign – which provided nearly 30 million adults with their first-line vaccine – creates a “fundamental difference” from the previous year and an “adequate mitigation” of infections and an increase in hospitals.

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“In a few days, I will finally be able to go to the hairdresser,” said the man, who has shown great blonde hair for several weeks and was delighted during press conferences dedicated to the health condition.

“But most importantly, I can go out on the streets, safely, but of course, I’m going to have a pint of beer in the bubble,” he joked.

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