United Kingdom: A young woman wins a lawsuit claiming she should not have lived

A 20-year-old Londoner has won a lawsuit against his mother’s doctor. ” To be born in a damaged condition (Cf. Last generation of children with Downs syndrome?).

Evie Toombes actually suffers from spina bifida. She started this investigation. ” Historical “For” wrong opinion Saying that she should never have been born. She argues that the doctor should have told her mother to take folic acid before she became pregnant. “Mom hopes she will. Postponed pregnancy “She would have given birth to a baby” Normal and healthy “(Cf.” Better to die than to be disabled “?).

For his part, the doctor ” Denied any liability “He says he has.” Gave reasonable advice on whether to take folic acid supplements .

London High Court Judge Rosalyn Co QC awarded damages to the teenager. They definitely ” Will cover all medical expenses incurred by the family from birth “, As well as” Intensive treatment for life “According to his lawyer, the extent of the damage has not yet been estimated (Cf. The parents are suing the hospital for not providing PND).

Sources: Slate, Robin Dutengus (04/12/2021); New York Post, Alice Fuller (01/12/2021)

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