United Kingdom: A petition to condemn the “uncontrolled nudity” of the Sherwood forests

Known as Robin Hood’s Hunt, the Sherwood Forest in central England now has a completely different audience: nature lovers. Not everyone likes their presence as petitions have been filed online in protest.

According to the author of the text, Robert Robinson, “nudists sometimes walk in groups of 12 people.” His wife stopped jogging in the woods after being confronted with “a naked man in the bush doing good to himself”.

The Sherwood Forest attracts many tourists every year, with Robin Hood fans or the oldest in Europe coming to admire its oaks. But Robert Robinson considers that the over-significant influx of nature lovers spoils the visit. He tells local officials to react and accuses the nudists of showing a certain complacency because signs in the woods ask them to dress when they return to their vehicle.

The local resident was not the only one to complain. On the petition page, a user laments the situation: “Since June 2020, there have been many naked men, and it is threatening,” he wrote. On the page of TripAdvisor Sherwood Forest, a particular Dave posted a comment in May about groups of “out-of-control nudists” walking in groups among the trees.

On September 8, the FFN staged a demonstration in Paris.

In the UK, it is legal to be naked in public unless the person undressing behaves in a way that is shocking or offensive. The site is managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Birds, and is a reminder that nature lovers have visited the Sherwood Forest frequently “for decades” and can tolerate their presence. […] On the condition of accepting a particular behavior. “He also mentions that he has not heard of the incident involving Robert Robinson’s wife, and in situations like this, he advises calling the police.

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