United Kingdom. A 3,000-year-old spear accidentally discovered off the coast of Jersey

Last August, a treasure hunter armed with a metal detector found a spear point on a beach on Channel Island and put it in his bag. A few months later, it was revealed that carbon-14 dating dates from 1207 to 1004 BC. J.-C.¶

With his metal detector, a treasure hunter stumbles upon the island of Jersey (United Kingdom) “One of the most magnificent Bronze Age weapons found in Northern Europe”, Report Daily Telegraph.

In August 2020, on a high tide, 34-year-old Jay Cornick buried a 35 cm long spear point in the sand and discovered it on a beach east of the island, the British daily explains.

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This finding was not made public until the carbon-14 dating material was confirmed “At least 3,000 years old”, Highlight Daily Telegraph.

Made from a copper alloy, this protected spear point is in very good condition and was thought by Jay Cornick to be a modern fishing spear. “He put it in his bag and didn’t think much about it before showing it to the archaeologists at Jersey Heritage.”, Says daily.

According to The Daily Telegraph, No similar hair has been found in the Channel Islands, although some similar examples are found in France, which is only one country.“22 km from Jersey”.

“On this beach, there are usually a lot of muscat balls.”

Before making this discovery, Jay Cornick researched several times with his inventor on this beach near the port of Coy. “In this part of the beach, we see

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