United Airlines | 593 unvaccinated employees are about to be laid off

(New York) United Airlines, which in early August required all of its US employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, announced Tuesday that it is preparing to lay off 593 people who have not provided any evidence of their sting. .

Of the roughly 67,000 employees at the company, less than 3%, or nearly 2,000, have requested medical or religious exemption.

Among the rest of the employees, more than 99% chose vaccination.

“We have required vaccinations for all United States employees residing in the United States for one simple reason: to ensure the safety of our employees,” company president and public affairs officer Scott Kirby said in a Bret Hart letter.

They added: “The reality is that everyone is safer when everyone is vaccinated, and the claim is that the vaccine works.”

For the 593 employees who did not provide proof of vaccination, the company will begin the dismissal process according to a procedure negotiated with unions.

“It was a very difficult decision, but ensuring the safety of our team has always been our top priority,” the officials said in the post.

Mr. Kirby indicated in January that he was considering requiring the vaccine for all US-based employees.

According to the US federal agency responsible for compliance with anti-discrimination laws in the workplace (EEOC), employers have the right to require their employees who go to their workplace to be vaccinated, except for medical or religious objections.

United Airlines had originally planned to put employees who were granted exemption on October 2 on unpaid leave. But the legal action launched by the employees for whom the exemption was denied is in progress, those people currently remain inside the company until October 15 pending a decision.

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