Uninstall this Android app inspired by the Netflix series, it’s stealing from you!

Watch out for this Squid game based app, it contains dangerous malware that will want your bank account.

You were recently alerted to a new malware that has infected 151 Android apps distributed for free on the Google Play Store. This new virus was similar to Joker, an Android malware that reappears regularly and aims to loot your bank account.

But while an alternative to Joker is currently in the making, the original malware is back to haunt Play Store shelves in the form of an app that seeks to browse the success of Squid, the series that recently unleashed all the emotions on Netflix.

When Netflix series is used to distribute malware

It’s up to Lukas Stefanko, a security researcher at ESETWe owe this discovery. By his estimates, the infected app had been downloaded nearly 5,000 times. The scam is well laid out. Presented as a monster wallpaper, the app asks you for specific permissions to make your way royal within your smartphone.

This is how the cybercriminals behind this application are able to unleash the dangerous malware. Joker is an advertising virus: it is capable of displaying unwanted advertisements on your screen and, above all, subscribing to paid SMS services against your will. Little by little, it can thus inflate your phone bill, without you even realizing it.

The worst part is that it is well thought out. Joker launches just a few days after installing an infected app, which allows the latter to successfully pass Google tests and end up on the default shelves of the Play Store.

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Fortunately, Google has already removed the app from its App Store. However, if you have already installed it before removing it, it is possible that Joker will sneak into your smartphone.

The app in question bears the name «Squid 4K HD Wallpapers»And, you’ll understand, it’s not just a monster wallpaper wrapper. If you find an app like this on your Android smartphone, uninstall it immediately. As the security researcher behind this research, there are nearly 200 Squid-based apps available on the Play Store today, and some of them have already crossed 1 million downloads.

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