“unbelievable!” , “Disappointed…”: No. 1 on Netflix, this movie divides netizens

Fans disagree even if many of them check the movie’s authenticity. “I watched Luther: Fallen Sun, unbelievable!” “,” Really not a bad Luther: Fallen Sun movie. I haven’t watched the series yet but it really made me want to. Nothing to say I would recommend it, good moment, very hot villain “,” Luther: Fallen Sun, It was fatal. loved it. Stay tuned with @andyserkis who always knows how to scare! And I’m thrilled to see @idriselba back in the role, unbelievable “,” The 4-year wait for the movie Luther: Fallen Sun was worth it! To me, this is the best we’ve had with this character yet! They put budget and ambition into it. And show up!”May we read among the most enthusiastic, while the others did not hide their disappointment: “I saw Luther: Fallen Sun. What a shipwreck,” he said. “I am so disappointed. The huge inconsistencies throughout the movie completely ruined my joy to find a continuation of the series that I loved. On top of the non-essential stuff, which could have been easily corrected.”.

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The best thing is still to make up your personal opinion and we can only advise you to go and watch Luther: The sun has fallen which is still at the top of the rankings on Netflix at the moment.

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