Unbelievable but real … | Does wine differ after staying in space?

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These grapes are the rarest on Earth, as they come directly from space. Dozens of bottles of wine have stayed in a place very few people see: space! These bottles are now back on Earth, leading wine enthusiasts to wonder how a stay in space could change the look of a wine.

In November 2019, as part of an experiment conducted by Strat-up Unlimited space charging, SpaceX has sent dozens of Château Petrus bottles and 320 Merlot vine and Cabernet Sauvignon shots into space. These bottles and vine buds spent a year aboard the International Space Station (ISS), in orbit around Earth. This scenario is reminiscent of David Bowie’s song or movie 2001: Space Flight Dee Stanley Kubrick.

In total, the twelve Château Petrus bottles from 2000 spent 438 days and 19 hours aboard the International Space Station, at an altitude of 400 km from Earth. The project was implemented in partnership with Mission WISE, a proprietary applied space research program. The bottles returned to Earth on January 14, 2021, aboard the SpaceX Dragon capsule.

On Wednesday, March 24th, the Space Cargo Unlimited strat-up held a press conference in Bordeaux. During this conference, a small group of experts managed to sample this wine from space to determine this residence’s modifications to its composition. The experts conducted a blind tasting in which they compared the space wine to simple ground bottles.

What are the conclusions of this experience? The residence in the space changed the color of the Petros Castle. Experts found “real differences in both appearance and taste.” According to comments collected by Space Cargo Unlimited, the Petrus who stayed in space had a “difference in color” with “slight brick coloring” and “ruby hues with reflections of brick. These results constitute the first stage of the research. Wine from space will now join a laboratory to examine the implications of such accommodation at the molecular level.

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Meanwhile, scientists are monitoring the evolution of 320 Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vine shoots, which have also been sent to the International Space Station, where they spent ten months in lightless cells with controlled moisture. According to the first observations, the branches remaining in space, which have since been replanted, mainly in the greenhouses of the Scientific Institute of Vine and Wine, will grow faster than the remaining plans on Earth.

“ Even if it is still too early to make scientific conclusions, these first observations nonetheless confirm the validity of Space Cargo Unlimited’s unique and innovative approach, which is to use space as a new research environment for the future of agriculture, but also to take advantage of the vine and wine, which are support Unbelievable for scientific research, as Pasteur has explained in the past, ”said Emmanuel Echibar and Nicholas Gumm, founders of Space Cargo Unlimited.

Currently, the startup is developing a new experience as part of the WISE Mission program, which is supposed to take place next year aboard the International Space Station.

Article translated from American Forbes magazine – Author: Elva Ramirez

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