Ultimate Frisbee Championship in Vaughanye

Oisans Resort welcomes from today to Sunday 12 March 11H An edition of the “Catch la peuf” ultimate frisbee tournament, organized by the Grenoble Monkey Club. Eight teams of eight players each compete from Friday evening through Sunday. Note that the tournament is a “hat”, that is, players (mixed teams) register individually and the composition of each team will be drawn on Friday. The 60 expected competitors come from all over Europe (Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, UK…) and of course from France (with players playing at National 1, i.e. elite level).

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Entertainment for everyone

All matches will take place at the Pôle Sports et loisirs de Vaujany gymnasium: Qualifiers on Friday from 6:30 pm to 8 pm; Group matches on Saturday (9am-12:30pm for Group A and 2pm-5:30pm for Group B); Fun matches (9am-12pm) and tournament finals followed by prize giving (1pm-4pm) on Sundays. All matches last 30 minutes, with no timeouts. Remember, the endgame is similar to rugby with Frisbee (but without the tackles!), and the object of the game is to make passes so that the Frisbee hits the opponent’s goal.

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On the sidelines of the competition, entertainment will be offered to the general public of the resort, with an introduction to Frisbee Golf on Thursday March 9th from 5pm-7pm (Place de la Fare), and a Golf with Champions tournament on Saturday March 11th from 6pm, Place de l’Etendard. These activities are free and open to all, as is entry to Pole Sports et Loisirs de Vaujany to attend matches.

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